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First Wesleyan Church is not just a building or a service on a Sunday morning.  It's a group of people committed to relationship with God and relationship with others.  There are a whole lot of ways you can connect with that!  Whether you grew up in church or you've never been, whether you're young or older, whether you're male or female, there is a place for you to connect at First Wesleyan Church on a Sunday morning and throughout the week.

Common Ground

Common Ground is about coffee and connections.  It's a time between our two services where people can connect with one another and share some coffee and a light breakfast.  

Life Groups

Life Groups meet throughout the year in 6-8 week sessions.  Everyone from kids through seniors have an opportunity to sign up for a smaller group setting where they can dig in to God's words through study and action with others.  Life Groups serve an important purpose in growing and learning together.  Life is better when done together.

A Life Group service event during a community breakfast event
Kids Ministry

From newborns through elementary age, there is something for kids at First Wesleyan Church.  There is a staffed nursery on Sunday mornings, as well as Kids Church for preschoolers through 5th grade.  On Wednesday nights preschoolers through 5th grade can come out for Clubhouse, where passionate teachers share the love of Christ and actively teach about character.  All volunteers are screened and trained.

Youth Ministry

First Wesleyan Church believes that young people are not only the future of the church - they are the current church, as well.  The Rising Student Ministries serves young people 6th grade through 12th grade.  They meet on Wednesday nights at 7:00, as well as in Life Groups throughout the week.  Throughout the year, the youth take part in special events like youth camp, fundraisers, the Spring Break 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, overnighters and more.

Pastor Jeremy and teenagers during a Wednesday night youth gathering
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Community Gatherings

First Wesleyan Church is about more than its four walls.  Being a part of its community is central to who First Wesleyan Church is.  The Fall Festival and National Night Out Against Crime are two annual events that welcome the neighborhood to the church grounds.  The church also serves as a meeting place for the Oakview Neighborhood Association and other neighborhood events and gatherings.  


First Wesleyan Church is very active and many who attend are also active serving both in the church and in the community.  Service is a part of every Life Group that meets and there are many opportunities - either as a one-time event or an ongoing commitment - to serve both inside and outside of the church.

Serving during an annual National Night Out Against Crime event for the Oakview neighborhood in Muskegon
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