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As part of our mission to equip people to seek God, grow in faith, and discover their purpose, we have worked with a team of people here at FWC to reimagine and relaunch LifeGroups. We believe that we are created in and for community, and we want every person at FWC to grow in the community of faith.

LifeGroups are a huge part of making that happen.


LifeGroups will be year-round group who meet together, typically weekly, to encourage one another, share life together, and study God's word. LifeGroups will always be open to people joining, and at key times throughout the year, we will encourage people who aren't part of a LifeGroup to join one. Summers will look different with more infrequent, activity-based gatherings, and so will the Holiday season when everyone is swamped. And we know that sometimes you'll be gone or have an irregular schedule. That's okay; that shouldn't keep you from being part of this community.


We know that people lead busy lives. Work, community, family, and - let's face it - Netflix all compete for your time; but deep relationships in Christ and a commitment to grow in Him are priorities we should all take seriously. LifeGroups will be flexible and will include fun together, food together, and growth together. We really hope to see you there.

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Join us for lifegroups!

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