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Beginning September 12, join with your church family in 50 days of prayer. Don't worry if you miss a day, just come back the next day!

Download your prayer tracker here.


Pray for FWC as we seek to equip people to seek God, grow in their faith, and discover their purpose. Pray that each person who calls FWC their church home sees this as their personal mission.


Pray that we become more passionate about our vision to build a diverse, spirit-led community of believers to impact every neighbor for Christ.


Pray that we wouldn't just "do church", but that we would have a true transforming presence in Muskegon so that others come to know Jesus. Pray for courage to be bold and creative as we seek to carry out the Great Commission.

Prayer Prompts

Day 1

Pray that God will transform our mindsets to be focused on advancing His kingdom.

Day 2

Pray that those that call FWC their home will see the church’s mission as their personal mission.

Day 3

Pray for the board members of FWC…that they would be led by the Holy Spirit and lead with wisdom.

Day 4

Pray for a passion to lead others to Jesus. 

Day 5

Pray that each member of the FWC family would take their relationship with Jesus outside of the four walls of the church and into their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities.

Day 6

Pray for FWC’s mission to equip people to seek God.

Day 7

Pray for unity within FWC…that we would be of one heart and mind as we work to carry out the great commission. 

Day 8

Pray that FWC would not be complacent but would be on fire to serve God.

Day 9

Pray for Pastor Jeremy as he seeks to follow God’s direction as he leads FWC.

Day 10

Pray that our FWC family would be sensitive to the needs of those around us and for the energy to be the hands and feet of Jesus to meet those needs.

Day 11

Pray that those who call FWC home would deepen in their relationship with Jesus and lives would change as a result.

Day 12

Pray for the kids ministries of FWC…that we would place great value on young people and their salvation and growth.

Day 13

Pray for FWC’s mission to equip people to grow in faith.

Day 14

Pray that the people of FWC would allow God to work through them to accomplish more than we can ask or imagine.

Day 15

Pray that those in the church who are battling addition would experience freedom and that God would be glorified through it.

Day 16

Pray for the Lord’s leading as we continue to reach and disciple every generation, both currently and in the future.

Day 17

Pray that FWC would be a place that welcomes visitors and helps to draw them into a (closer) relationship with Jesus.

Day 18

Pray for Josh as he leads the youth…that he would lead with patience and creativity to further the kingdom with young people.

Day 19

Pray for the relaunch of Common Ground…that it would be a place to build community and welcome everyone.

Day 20

Pray for LifeGroups….that people would encounter Jesus in new ways and grow in their relationship with him.

Day 21

Pray that God would raise up workers from within FWC to serve in the ministries of the church.

Day 22

Pray for the teens of FWC…that they would grow deeper in their relationship with Christ as they figure out who they are and who they’re going to be.

Day 23

Pray for the financial needs of FWC and that we would be good stewards of the resources we are blessed with.

Day 24

Pray for FWC’s mission to equip people to discover their purpose.

Day 25

Pray that this time would be a sweet time of intimacy with the Lord for our church.

Day 26

Pray that we would be able to walk honestly and with empathy with those who are hurting and help bring comfort and healing.

Day 27

Pray for a boldness and creativity as FWC works to design ministries that reach people and honor God.

Day 28

Pray that FWC would be hungry to study the word of God and to grow in Him.

Day 29

Pray that the members of the FWC family would be able to set aside preferences and prioritize and work relentlessly to carry out the great commission.

Day 30

Pray for the seniors of FWC, that they would continue their passion for serving Jesus and lead others to Him.

Day 31

Pray for FWC vision to a diverse, spirit-led community of believers to impact every neighbor for Christ.

Day 32

Pray for Pastor Jeremy as he works to plan next year’s sermon focus…that he would be lead by the Holy Spirit to prepare what God wants FWC to learn.

Day 33

Pray for the families of FWC as they work to set Godly examples and raise their children to love Jesus.

Day 34

Pray that FWC would be a place of sanctuary for those who are hurting, battling addiction, dealing with anxiety and mental health issues, grief, or fear.

Day 35

Pray that the FWC body would fully submit to God’s will, both corporately and individually.  

Day 36

Pray for the neighbors of FWC…that they would see Jesus through our community of believers.

Day 37

Pray for Matt as he works to lead the church in worship and seeks to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit to help the congregation enter into real worship.

Day 38

Pray that those who may have gotten out of the habit of regular church attendance would prioritize that connection to corporate worship and a faith community.

Day 39

Pray that FWC would be brave, willing to be set apart, and aligned with Jesus first, before political affiliations or movements.

Day 40

Pray for the Care Team…that they show true care to those who need it and show Jesus to those who are lonely or travelling through dark times.

Day 41

Pray that each member of the FWC family would tune into their spiritual gifts and learn to use them for God’s kingdom.

Day 42

Pray that individuals will be raised up for intercessory prayer….that we would have a strong army of people praying for the needs of others.

Day 43

Pray that FWC would have a true impact on the Muskegon community, not simply “doing church”, but truly working to transform our community.

Day 44

Pray that FWC will trust Jesus to grow our church, in His way and in His power.

Day 45

Pray that FWC would fully support its missions and ministry partners, both locally and around the world.

Day 46

Pray that the FWC family would truly build community and welcome others into it, regardless of race, economic status, or different experiences.

Day 47

Pray for the young adults that call FWC home…that they would connect to the larger community as they transition into “adulting”.

Day 48

Pray that FWC would be a grateful community, living at peace and in contentment.

Day 49

Pray that FWC would be a place of reconciliation…both to God and to one another.

Day 50

Pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all of FWC, that we would be fully committed, passionate, and courageous as we serve Jesus through all our lives.

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